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When will I get my logo?
Once you have submitted your order, your files will be emailed within 2 business days.

How do I contact you if I need help?
Please use our support page to send an email with your questions. We will reply within 1 business day.

Can I buy stationery artwork?
Yes. We offer several styles of stationery artwork for business card, letterhead, and business envelope. You can purchase these as individual items, or in a set.

What file formats will I receive?
With the the basic purchase, you will receive one JPG and one PNG file. If you selected the vector (EPS) format option you will get the EPS file.

What is a jpg and png and how do I use them?

The JPG file is a high resolution pixel based file, but can be compressed to reduce size and quality if needed. It can be used for both print and web applications.

The PNG file is a high resolution pixel based file that contains a transparent background. It will maintain its original appearance when placed over a colored background. It can be used for both print and web applications.

What is a vector (EPS) file?
A vector (EPS) file is made up of pathways not pixels. It will allow you to enlarge the image to any size and still maintain the highest quality. When opened in a vector based application (i.e. Adobe Illustrator) the elements can be edited.

When do I need to purchase the vector (EPS) file?
It is advisable to purchase the vector (EPS) file format if you would like to modify the artwork in any way, or if you plan to use it for special applications such as large signs or embroidery applications.

What is your method of payment?
We use PayPal eCommerce for all payments. PayPal accepts Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Do you provide refunds or returns?
No, all sales are final.

Can I modify my logo?
Yes, you are free to modify the logo however you wish. To do this you will need the vector (EPS) file and a program that you can edit with, i.e.: Adobe Illustrator.

Do you customize?
Your purchase will be customized with your choice of colour from our options, company name and optional second line. If you purchase the vector (EPS) file format you are free to further customize as you wish. To do this you will need the vector (EPS) file and a program that you can edit with, i.e.: Adobe Illustrator.

What if I want another colour?
Our designers have taken the guesswork out by offering a pre-selected colour palette. Each logo displays 3-6 colour palette options. If you purchase the vector (EPS) file format you are free to change the colour.

What font is used with the logo?
We use Google Fonts as it can be used without copyright infringement. We will provide you with a link for you to download the font to your computer. You don’t need the font to use our files, but you may want to use it for any correspondence you produce yourself.

How much does the logo cost?
The logos start at $29.99 for standard logos up to $320 for exclusive logos. All pricing is in USD.

What is difference between standard and exclusive?
The standard logo can be purchased multiple times by multiple people. The exclusive logo can only be purchased once; all versions will then be removed from the website.

Can I resell the logo?
Yes. You can resell the logo but to only one customer and that customer becomes the end-user. If you wish to resell the same logo to another customer you must purchase the logo again. If you use the logo on a template, and you have multiple sales of that template, you must purchase a new license for each unit you sell.

Do you provide full branding services?
Our parent division is a boutique design company that focuses on fully-customized branding services, website development and illustration. These services start at $3000. Please send any inquiries to us by email.

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